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address: 200 Turnpike Road

                 Southborough, MA 01772

tel.: 781 333 5348  ext 0

fax: 781 333 5368

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CRO Service:

Target validation and assay development 

           work with customer to validate the target

           propose the best approach based on the target

           develop the assay for HTS

HTS and hits generation

           provide automation solutions

           screen customers’ libraries or our own collections

           perform the confirmation and secondary assays

Medicinal chemistry support

           analyze the hits and define the initial SAR

           propose the modification strategies for the hits

           work with CRO and customer to generate new lead

Hit-to lead and lead modification

           provide medicinal chemistry support for lead modification

           work with CRO to improve potency and the ADME/Tox properties for

           the leads

Compound efficacy test

           test compound in selected animal models

What we do:

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